Our Projects

Django, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Jquery

It is an interactive chat bot developed by our core team to handle queries related to functioning of the society. Initially it was trained on whatsapp group chat history and later focus was shifted transform into an expert system. It uses Edit Distance Algorithm for fast retrieval of accurate response based on user’s query sentence.

Django, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Jquery, Semantic-UI

It is a web application where anyone can discuss on projects, get computer science educational resources for free. Members of society can view their contributions to the society and check their meeting(s) and event(s) attendance. It helps us track how active each individual member is in the society. The project was open sourced in December 2016 under MIT Open Source license. URL : http://www.aceportal.tech/

Django, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Jquery

A multiplatform application with best in class UX to download almost any song just by entering the name of the song followed by artist name.The user can listen to the 30 sec preview of the song. On pressing the “Download Now” button, the .mp3 file starts downloading. DownloadAnySong was featured by popular social media pages. It is the most famous and successful ACE project. URL : https://www.downloadanysong.com

Django, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Jquery

This web application was developed by our core team to manage and control registration processes and information for State Students’ Convention 2017 sponsored by Computer Society of India. The application also featured automatic report generation and event summarization system using the data generated about the participants. We hosted it on our dedicated server in Mumbai region.

Android, Java

An android game in which the user tries to balance a bar and avoid obstacles. Developed by Sanil Khurana URL : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sanilk.balance_lite

Developed by Sanil Khurana|

Django, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Jquery
MATRIX - A Segment Analysis and Visualization Toolkit

Market segmentation is one of the most fundamental strategic marketing concepts. Grouping people (with the willingness, purchasing power, and the authority to buy) according to their similarity in several dimensions related to a product under consideration. This application performs user behavior analysis based on click patterns and cluster the similar users together using Kmode clustering algorithm. It also provides visual information about the geographical distribution of users and comparison of products performance in digital marketplace in terms of number of clicks.

Flask, Python, RestAPI

aztro is a REST API made in Python that provides you with daily horoscope (today, tomorrow and yesterday). It provides horoscope info for sun signs such as Lucky Number, Lucky Color, Mood, Color, Compatibility with other sun signs, description of a sign for that day etc. Documentation was also written for this API. URL : https://aztro.readthedocs.io

Developed by Sameer Kumar|


A smart Universal WindowsA smart Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application for Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals and Patients. Sharing information on a central database(encrypted), while maintaining Patient-Doctor confidentiality.

Developed by Gaurav Gogia|

Arduino, ReactJS, Python, Django, HTML/CSS

"Garbage Overflow" is about an automated waste management system with the help of IoT, sensors, Web API etc made at a 24 hour hackathon.It is a platform where authorities can maintain multiple garbage bins from one single app(PWA) through notifications/buzzer alarm whenever the bin's garbage collection level crosses a certain level. Also, the device measures moisture level and temperature level inside the bin. URL : http://www.hackathon.io/85817

Flask, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Jquery, Bootstrap

IP University Result Search Engine. It is a dynamic website in which a student can find his/her result instantly anytime without having to download the large pdf file from the official website.The website also tells every student their university rank and top 25 university scorers. URL : https://ipusearch.herokuapp.com

Developed by Sameer Kumar|

Django, NodeJS, Express, HTML/CSS/JS, Bootstrap

The click fraud operation generates $3 to $5 million in fraudulent revenue every day. Marketers have lost around $7.2 billion to digital ad fraud in 2016. In fact, businesses lost $16.4 billion to ad fraud in the year 2017 alone. The project detects and eliminate malicious activities and characters from the digital marketing ecosystem to protect your brand and save you lots of money. The platform currently offers Geo-monitoring across all major search engines: - Detection of competitor and affiliate advertisment. - Custom Worldwide geo-targeted monitoring - Custom CronTab Schedule for every keyword - Hourly Reports

Android, XML, Java

This project was made as a part of Bob The Builder-App Development Challenge at CPJ College Narela. In this project Firebase is used as a backend, The main idea of this project was to show top 10 cafes or restaurants in 10 states of India. Following details were shown about a particular cafe or restaurant: - • Cafe Name • Cafe Image • Cafe Description • Cafe Location • Cafe Cost